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Sarah Li

Our marketing team created by first Grab and embedded it on our website! Now you can see all of our updates in one place.

Updates | Williamsburg Wellness
Get all of the latest from Williamsburg Wellness, the community driven news and social collective.

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Carusi Marketing

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Daniel Carusi

Monetize your content! Paid memberships are just one of the powerful Marketing Add-Ons available for your Grabs.

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Adam Steinhardt - The Kingdom

Adam Steinhardt
The Kingdom

"The ability to organize and publish our client's cross-platform posts using their hashtags and keywords is powerful."

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Jess Woods

Jess Woods3:03pm

Jess has invited you to join

The Austin Book Club


Weissman Books

We're welcoming Austin's own Therese Newton to our Thursday night reading.

Therese Newton reading at Weissman Books.
Therese Weissman has been acclaimed as one of Austin's most prolific modern authors 

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Jess Woods

Just finished this beauty by Nikita Gill - Let me know if you would like to adopt!

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James Haft - PAL Capital

James Haft
PAL Capital

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James Young 

Crazy day in #Brooklyn today photographing the #yoga talent, Stu Hemmings.

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Sarah Li 

The renovations at the studio on 1st St are officially complete! Registration is open now:

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Williamsburg Wellness

Introducing our newest yogi, Sarah!⁠

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